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Being a designer can be a limiting experience: you are driven by the demands of your employer, your creativity is restricted by access to materials and manufacturers, and you are haunted by designs that you know could be better. We don't believe in giving up and giving in, our philosophy is: “If you don't like something, change it.” Analog Forest is here to open up the process and bring together a community of designers and consumers to create and wear art that speaks to them.


You Are Analog Forest


We work with both seasoned and up-and-coming artists to bring their designs to fruition. At launch this is a curated endeavor of cycling and running apparel, where each artist and design is vetted by the Analog Forest team before being placed into production. With time and growth we plan to transition to a crowdsourced model to determine what designs go into production, and what artists become featured Analog Forest contributors. The only investment by the artists is great design, we'll handle the rest from marketing and production to fulfillment, helping artists pay the rent with a percentage of gross sales as their aesthetic enters the world.

With years of experience designing, producing, and marketing products and a rich history creating websites, we have a unique set of tools to enable designers to proudly create pieces for all types of athlete. Whether it’s on a track or a trail, good design inspires us to perform.


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