ISPO Munich Color Design Study

The ski industry has long been the place where fashion meets function, boundaries are pushed, and the trends and color palettes that come to dominate the entire outdoor market emerge. It's a common thread to hear outdoor sports designers point towards ski as the trend makers a year or two ahead of the curve. ISPO Munich is one of the largest outdoor sports tradeshows — some 2600 exhibitors in total convene for three days in a mix of high fashion, ski, outdoor sports, manufacturing, and textile sourcing. The show lends an unparalleled look at upcoming design trends, and it came as no surprise to run into our share of other designers attempting to take it all in. Bright hues reminiscent of the '90s continue to be on-trend, often mixed with matte textures and muted accents to soften the blow. At exhibitor after exhibitor one could find examples of garments and accessories following a three color design with a main body color, and contrasting secondary and tertiary colors hits that themselves were analogous tones. Clean logo marks, tasteful throwback design mixed with modern materials, bright and bold is in but earth tone remains a strong part of the established market. Time will tell if the Native American derivative patterns and textures will translate to the United States market, but there was no denying that like much else of 20 years ago the cycle of inspiration has come full circle.

Click any image for a larger slideshow of the colors, textures, logos and trends that we found of particular note over two days walking the ISPO aisles.

ISPO Munich 2017 is scheduled for February 5 - 8. Check out our Interbike 2015 Color Design Study for other color palette and design inspiration that caught our eye.

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