Empowering the little guy!

Analog Forest is a very very small company. Currently we are three people working part time, while still having full time jobs. We all happen to be freelance creatives who think everyone should have the ability to do the things that they love.

Our limited amount of time that we have personally made us realize that more companies need to exist to help ideas, people and designers get things to market with less personal responsibility for the logistics. This is one of the main reasons we started the Analog Forest, helping other creatives create things they care about and hopefully make some great products and a little extra cash on the side.

We all have great ideas that we cannot complete due to the logistics of manufacturing, marketing, or just a lack of time. The great irony of this is that we live in a period of time when their is more access to create goods then ever before and only a few big companies are able to leverage that. We have worked for a lot of these big companies and seen first hand how they do it, sometimes even running departments that do it. We want to take this experience and help designers without expertise in these areas to create world class products by knowing only a few tools of their trade like Adobe Illustrator. 

Tools like Kickstarter and Etsy have shown us that their is a market for just about anything you can imagine. Many projects that a larger entity may see as a waste of time because they are not profitable enough can be a boon for a smaller shop or individual, but these smaller shops may never have the ability to do it on their own. That is where we all need to work together to make these ideas a reality.

Even tools like Kickstarter require the seller to take on more then simply design. The seller needs to handle manufacturing, fulfillment, marketing and a host of other responsibilities. When it comes to fitness clothing and accessories, we can leverage all kinds of experience to help people with these tasks.

We believe it is time to bring new capabilities to designers allowing for more diversity in products on the market and being a great designer should not be hindered by the process of manufacturing of the product. Currently our product scope is limited, but we are looking to grow into other products and simplify our process so that designers can worry less about execution and more about designs. When we empower more people, more people win.

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