Designing Analog Forest - Influences

Analog Forest is motivated by a huge community of amazing people and companies. We hope to build a product and community that can live up to our inspirations.

All designers seek creative freedom and the ability to product quality work. Many of us rush work out that we are not happy with to keep clients or bosses happy. We look up to designers Benny Gold and Aaron Draplin for achieving great creative freedom and their commitment to putting out quality work. 

We would not exist without design communities like those developed and supported by Tina Roth Eisenberg, companies like Tattly, our Pittsburgh neighbors Cotton Bureau, our friends Art Crank and the always fun Threadless community. We hope that we can one day be listed among these amazing trend setters. 

Luckily, we also have rich past experiences to leverage which help us create high quality products that live up to our high standards. For years we have been involved with some amazing parts of the cycling industry working with huge companies like Trek and Specialized and smaller companies like Marin Bikes and Dirt Rag. These experience influence all the products we make and who we are as people.

Hopefully, we can achieve even a little of what these amazing companies and people have been able to. If you love interesting design like we do check them out!

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Posted by: Suzanne

June 27, 2017

I would love to order to sparkle horse 8-bit jersey-rainbow in a men’s small. It’s my husband’s favorite-except he got into an accident and now it has a giant hole in it. After his trip to the ER, he is ok, but he’s really sad about this jersey! Is is possible to get a small anywhere?

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