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Where you are from says a lot about who you are. Analog Forest is actually a name with a history. The current iteration's history can be tied back to a single talk at SXSW by Tina Roth Eisenberg that sparked an idea. However, you can trace a lineage past this point to earlier beginnings.

Way back when in 2007 Michael Pfaltzgraff printed a few hundred shirts and stacks of stickers under the name Analog Forest name [1], and while there were larger aspirations with the brand, other projects took over and the short-lived brand became but another story told over beers.

In 2012 founders Cory and Michael met on a project to help rejuvenate a struggling bicycle brand. Immediately they felt a creative connection with a shared love for minimalist aesthetics, street art and of course bicycles. Working together very closely for a year made us realize that we also possessed a good complimentary skill set to start a company with. Design Agency!

Or, not. We got sucked into our current project, Cory moved to California and things continued on. Then inspiration hit — lets help artist create great products! Deciding on fitness gear was easy, we have deep connections with the cycling and fitness industry and knew we could help designers make amazing fitness and cycling products by leveraging our knowledge, experience and industry ties. Choosing a name was not nearly as easy. We went through a lot of potential names, all written down for a rainy day. Finally, we remembered Analog Forest.

It just made sense, it came from a point in Michael's life where he was trying to increase his creative freedom, and using that same idea to enable other designers is exactly our goal. Analog forestry refers to healthy and sustainable forest management — Analog Forest is about fairly sustaining a forest of artists.

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What is your heritage, what inspires you to create, ride or do what ever it is you love to do?


Check out the Artist's work:


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October 24, 2015

what a Good Place!!!really envy you all having good life there Reply:September 21st, 2009 at 9:39 pymaeh! I can ride to office too! In fact I walk to office everyday. My office is just 2.2 KM away and I usually take approx 25 mins to walk there. I don’t drive on weekday these days only weekend when go to supermarket for grocery.How much is your bike costs you? if you don’t mind? The new bike here costs thousands of dollars!

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