Designing Analog Forest - The Website

Analog Forest is a place where great cycling and fitness apparel meets great artists and designers. This thinking was at the forefront of the design process for the website and hopefully has been captured in the final product.

We wanted our website to be able to highlight our artists and help them build their brand, explain our product technology, and help people find clothing by themes or use cases, help build our artist community and we also wanted it to be a pleasant shopping experience. Each area of our site aims to help you have the best experience possible. It took us a couple attempts to get to our current site be we think it is a great foundation to learn and grow with.

An image of the first attempt at our site, which we scrapped shortly after we finished building it. Rarely are we happy with our first take.

Every artist gets an artist page featuring a large image of their choice and a short bio.

From the beginning we knew the website had to focus on artists first, since helping artists/designers sell their designs is our primary goal. Each artist needs to have their own brand — we know first hand that artist maybe trying to promote their own designs in other places and we want to give them space to build an audience. We worked very hard to make sure the artist who designs the clothing gets a front and center listing. Every artist on the site will get their own artist page and every fitness or cycling item they design will have a link to this page. We hope that the people buying the clothes can find artists they love and find more of their products in the future.

Our next concern was making sure we did our product justice. All of our cycling and fitness clothing is hand made in Europe and we use a digital sublimation process to make sure your designs look the best they can. We knew that good photography was key to showing our product off. We made sure to have lots of images to view and that they were high quality.

Luckily we have a in house photo guru, Brad Quartuccio, who happened to know a lot of people willing to model for pizza, beer and a free jersey. Thanks to this we have great photos to show you not just how good our models look, but also how our product looks on real people! Some models even when artistic on us.

We also want to explain all the great features we have packed into our apparel. We spent a lot of time making sure our clothing would perform at a level that even the most demanding athlete will respect and we need to be able to prove to you that is true. Every one of our products has a number of tech features that are all explained on our clothing technology page

Hopefully you love the way we showcase the clothing the designer community comes up with and if you find anything weird or missing please let us know.

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