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Step right up, step right up, welcome to the internet side show ladies and gentleman. Spend the next 15 minutes with the weird wonderful and wacky.

  1. Politics in this country maybe a total disaster, but there is hope folks.
  2. A trip to Peru has been on my short list for a long time simply because in my opinion Peruvian food is the most underrated deliciousness on the planet, well looks like the riding is also amazing!
  3. How well do you know your early 00's mountain bikes?
  4. Stuck on the trainer all winter? Well you may as well do you laundry while you are at it.
  5. Some people may consider this a waste, but coffee art is pretty cool.
  6. Studios are a place of inspiration, check out some of the most famous artists workspaces.
  7. Speaking of art, can we consider computer freak outs art?

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